International Games Transport

A Game Changing Legacy

Many would agree, the Olympic Games are the most extravagant sporting event on the planet. Yet few are aware of the operational complexity and amount of planning that is dedicated to executing the unparalleled event.

Since the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta, the Vectour Transportation Group leadership team has been a part of Olympic transportation management. We understand the high level of specialized detail that is involved in the planning and implementing of an Olympic transportation program.

Our Client is King

Our management has had the pleasure of working with a wide array of clients during our games experience. Through our diverse experience working with the Olympic Games, we have the ability to deliver unique insights to different client groups. The turn-key solutions we offer to our Olympic clients includes:

  • Venue Transport Management(traffic management planning and access control)
  • Fleet Allocation Management
  • Agency integration(organising committees, local agencies, etc)
  • Bus Depot Planning and Operational Management
  • Parking and Maintenance Facilities Planning and Management
  • Route Planning and Design
  • Driving Training Implementation and Management
  • Driver and Staff Communication Planning and Management
  • GPS and routing technology development and implementation
  • Highly customized event transportation software application for integration
International Trailways achieved the challenging task of supplying over 500 motorcoaches and 1000 drivers and personnel to Gameday during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. Your team's ability to deliver ultimately assisted in operating one of the most successful transport systems in Olympic history.
  • Tony Vitrano
  • President/CEO
  • Gameday Management Group
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