Convention Transportation

Are you receiving more than buses?

At Vectour Group, we understand you have several transportation options available to you when you're planning an event transportation. Our goal is to make the experience easy. That's why we offer a tailored suite of shuttle transportation solutions for the convention and corporate meeting industry. Whether 500 or 500,000 attendees, we know how to move large groups of people. We bring the same level of expertise and resources from major international events to local trade shows.


We understand your needs, no matter the size.

We deliver custom transportation solutions based on the needs of our client. Our range for service capabilities includes, but are not limited to:

Transportation System Design

  • System Demand Modeling
  • Vehicle Requirements
  • Load Zone Operations
  • Airport Arrival and Departures System Design
  • Signage Plan
  • System Training (Driver and Staff Training)

Bus Operations Management

  • Bus Vendor Procurement
  • Bus Scheduling Design
  • Fleet Allocations
  • Fleet Dispatching Operations
  • Bus Dispatch Staffing Development
  • Bus Depot Development and Operations
  • Driver Training and Management

Technology System Integration

  • Real-time Vehicle Tracking
  • Real-time Routing and Scheduling Integration
  • Ridership Tracking
It has been a real pleasure working with your outstanding staff at International Trailways for our HCEA 2010 Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Your staff has been extremely responsive to the transportation needs of our convention. We knew your support was only a phone call away.
  • Eric Allen
  • Executive Vice President
  • HCEA
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