Eco-Friendly Equipment


Vectour Group believes we play a role in reducing the carbon "footprint" individuals make by providing transportation solutions that are in the best interest of our planet.

Many of the new model motorcoaches in our vendor's fleet features diesel particulate filters and ultra low sulfur fuel engines. Our contracted buses also include the latest in pressure monitoring and fuel conservation systems.  Each full motorcoach has the potential of removing 55 autos from the highway, reducing congestion, cutting energy use, and reducing emissions.

Did you know…

Buses emit the fewest pounds of CO2 when compared to an average mid-sized car, commercial airliner, and passenger train traveling round trip from Washington DC to New York City and to Orlando. *

  • Mid-sized car: 412 lbs CO2 to New York; 1,591 lbs CO2 to Orlando
  • Commercial airliner (nonstop): 1,135 lbs CO2 to New York; 2,715 lbs CO2 to Orlando
  • Passenger train: 342 lbs CO2 to New York; 1,366 lbs CO2 to Orlando
  • Bus: 159 lbs CO2 to New York; 615 lbs CO2 to Orlando

Motorcoaches achieve 206.6 passenger miles per gallon (MPG), commuter rail gets 92.4 passenger MPG, transit buses achieve 31.4 passenger MPG, domestic airplane achieve 44 passenger MPG, personal automobiles averaged 27.2 passenger MPG, and hybrid cars 46 passenger MPG.

Calculations were prepared by the New Hampshire nonprofit group, Clean Air-Cool Planet, which used averages in calculating; for example, what kind of car is being driven? In this case, one that gets 22 miles to the gallon on highways.