A New Approach

Smarter Transportation Solutions

Today's events demands are more challenging than ever before. Every aspect of the transportation program must operation at maximum efficiency and minimized costs. The shuttle transportation system of an event is no exception, and is a key component of the efficiency strategy.

When Vectour Group was founded in 2007, we had one simple goal: To provide the best client-focused experience in the event transportation industry. To make this a reality, we drew from the combined 75 years of ground transportation experience of our management and key personnel. We then aligned ourselves with one of the most trusted names in motor coach transportation - Trailways. And we let our insight lead us to better and smarter ways to approach event transportation.

We believe that tradition manual based methods of event transportation management are outdated and inefficient. The lack of centralized event transportation data prevents intelligent and transparent decision making on fleet allocations before, during, and post event operations.

Key Benefits

Our solutions are focused on optimizing fleet resources and giving our client's visibility into their transportation services. The result? Faster access to client information, greater event transportation efficiency, and ultimately reduced transportation costs.

Turn-Key Methodology

In addition to our innovative solutions framework, we apply our standard baseline process to each project we are engaged in. Each of our clients has a unique transportation need that requires detailed attention. They call us to provide clarity to these needs. The process that we utilize is highly effective and flexible. We help our clients eliminate the stress associated with every aspect of their transportation program.

We do this using three core elements:

Needs Analysis

  • Collect information to understand the overall transportation goals of our client
  • Collaborate with each client to define the role Vectour Group will play to ensure our client's transportation requirements are properly met
  • Indentify all key groups (e.g. corporate sponsors, conference attendees, etc.) to participate in the transportation program
  • Assemble a team that is best suited to handle each client's specific needs.
  • Develop the framework for each project's operation plan

Plan Development

  • Conduct a comprehensive site review of relevant facilities (e.g. venues, hotels, airports, etc.)
  • Create preliminary implementation plans based upon initial reviews of the transportation program
  • Creation of objective timelines to ensure efficient and streamlined operation of transportation program
  • Indentify the appropriate motorcoach operators to fulfill the unique needs of each event
  • Exchange information with our client throughout planning to ensure operational consistency at every department level

Program Implementation

  • Once final revisions of a client's transportation needs are completed, our team will finalize bus allocations and arrival times
  • Implementation managers and staff will work together with our client 's event management to maximize efficiency at every level of their transportation program


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